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#WeAreInvisor: Ryszard Jarzecki, Lead Developer

by Invisor Last updated on November 25, 2016 Tags: #WeAreInvisor

Programming is like art and engineering combined. It requires vivid imagination and, at the same time, following well laid out practices. 

While working for a large enterprise has advantages like job security and immense company resources, it has some considerable drawbacks when it comes to the realization of your own potential. That's why I welcomed the opportunity to join Invisor. It seemed like a natural progression; after working for many years in a big investment bank, joining a small startup would allow me to fully utilize my experience to create a new IT backbone from the group up for this business. 


At Invisor, I have the freedom and flexibility to explore different approaches to my work, and I have full control and ownership of the whole system. In a small company like ours, we're able to make quick decisions together to improve our platform, and everyone always knows how the company is doing. 

- Ryszard

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