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#WeAreInvisor: Ian Meir, Senior Developer

by Invisor Last updated on December 02, 2016 Tags: #WeAreInvisor

When I first interviewed with Invisor, I was looking to get out of corporate politics. Right off the bat, the guys at Invisor seemed like straight shooters, and like they’d cultivated a good work environment. The product Invisor offers is also leagues beyond what I had recently been pitched at banks and from a family financial advisor, so this intrigued me. From a developer’s perspective, I knew being focused on a single project would allow for more creativity and brainstorming. It’s not always about getting a micro site out the door. Instead there are constant discussions about how to make the experience better. 

Ian Meir Invisor

I’m always giving my friends in their early thirties the Invisor elevator pitch, telling them about the cost savings, the retirement plans that don’t require minimums, and the ability to let you contribute at your own pace. I can vouch for this: I’ve got a TFSA that’s going to eventually purchase a boat for our cottage. I have a higher risk portfolio, and so far it’s working for me like gang-busters.

The last few years have felt like a real race to adulthood. It was a long road through university that led to a harsh job climate when it was all over. It took time, but I eventually got real momentum behind my programming career and could actually start paying off debts. I felt like I finally ‘got organized’ enough to have a real social life. And so, within the past two and a half years, I met a girl and we bought a house together, and I proposed (in Italy) just this past summer. Now, with our wedding set for next summer, I know the next path on this road of life is having a family. I’ve heard the expression “it’s never too early to save for education,” and while I’ve been developing the new financial planning tools for invisor.ca, I can see why. Based on what I hear every day at work, I need to open that RESP stat. I hope that the people that land on our site can come to the same realization as me: that earlier really is better, and that all those things I give in my elevator pitch can really help the way you invest.  

- Ian

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