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#WeAreInvisor: Dan Poole, Co-founder and COO

by Invisor Last updated on October 28, 2016 Tags: #WeAreInvisor

I started Invisor with Pramod after he and I met to catch up over breakfast one morning. We had known each other for years, having done our MBAs together at Queen's.

Over breakfast, he shared a personal experience that highlighted the challenges that many Canadians face when they try to get started with investing - high fees, product sales instead of advice, confusing product selection, and hidden sales commissions. As he was recounting his story, I was thinking to myself "The life insurance industry has exactly the same problems!"

Dan Poole_Invisor 

Having worked for insurance companies for almost twenty years, most of the time with advisors and watching how they worked with their clients, I realized that there is tremendous value in offering advice. Advice just needs to be made much more accessible, affordable, and the fees one pays for advice need to be clearly understood. Furthermore, the industry has lagged behind for years in terms of introducing the benefits of technology in a way that makes it easier for the end consumer to learn about and buy the products. 

We started Invisor to fix all these things. 

The foundation of our company is built on the value of advice and the belief that everyone should have access to advisors who are working in the client's best interest - not their own. My own family has benefitted from having practiced sound financial principles - we have been fortunate to have spent our own careers working with and for great advisors. Being financially aware and responsible has allowed us to enjoy the freedom of being financially secure, take time away from work when a serious illness required us to do so, and now, to leave the comfort and security of a corporate job to launch a startup whose mission is to share these principles with others. 

Plus, it's way more fun! I mean, where else can you have Beer Thursdays, Pizza Fridays, and a putting contest all in the same week?

- Dan



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