#WeAreInvisor: Ian Meir, Senior Developer

by Invisor Last updated on December 02, 2016

When I first interviewed with Invisor, I was looking to get out of corporate politics. Right off the bat, the guys at Invisor seemed like straight shooters, and like they’d cultivated a good work environment. The product Invisor offers is also leagues beyond what I had recently been pitched at banks and from a family financial advisor, so this intrigued me. From a developer’s perspective, I knew being focused on a single project would allow for more creativity and brainstorming. It’s not always about getting a micro site out the door. Instead there are constant discussions about how to make the experience better. 

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#WeAreInvisor: Ryszard Jarzecki, Lead Developer

by Invisor Last updated on November 25, 2016

Programming is like art and engineering combined. It requires vivid imagination and, at the same time, following well laid out practices. 

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#WeAreInvisor: Melissa Motyka, Marketing Associate

by Invisor Last updated on November 18, 2016

As a young twenty-something, navigating through some of my adult-firsts has been interesting. Career-building, house-shopping, figuring-out-life-ing. There's a lot to think about when you're trying to build a solid foundation for yourself, and a significant part of my new-adult efforts have been focused on saving money and building financial independence. 

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#WeAreInvisor: Josh Miszk, Vice President, Investments

by Invisor Last updated on November 10, 2016

In my career before Invisor, I worked in a bank branch selling mutual funds to clients. Those funds would typically charge around 2%. What that meant was that on average, those funds underperformed the market by 2%. But at the time the market was doing well, and we were a reputable brand so nobody seemed to mind the cost. 

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#WeAreInvisor: Pramod Udiaver, Co-founder and CEO

by Invisor Last updated on November 04, 2016

Before creating Invisor, I started noticing a significant 'advice gap' in Canada.

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#WeAreInvisor: Dan Poole, Co-founder and COO

by Invisor Last updated on October 28, 2016

I started Invisor with Pramod after he and I met to catch up over breakfast one morning. We had known each other for years, having done our MBAs together at Queen's.

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