traditional investing vs smart investing

[Infographic] Traditional Investing vs. Smart Investing. What kind of investor are you?

by Invisor Last updated on August 05, 2016 Tags: Save Well

If we were to ask you what activity was more fun, planning a trip or planning your investment strategy, we'd bet you would answer with the former. And we don't blame you. Thinking about your next trip, booking hotels, planning an itinerary and packing your suitcase are all fun aspects of getting to your destination. 

While we know most people don't get as excited about planning and thinking about their investments, what if we were to tell you that in twenty minutes, you could take a permanent vacation from the time and cost of traditional investing? And that it would make the journey to your final destination (i.e. retirement) a lot more enjoyable?

Check out our infographic below about the difference between traditional investing and investing smart. 



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