How I Cut Costs by $100 a Month with One Simple Question

by Tanya Tantalo Last updated on March 26, 2019 Tags: Family Matters, Save Well, Making it as a Millennial

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The cost of living increases, not just annually, but sometimes month to month. A week ago, my husband received a notification from our mobility provider letting us know that our plan will be increasing by $20 –– an additional $240 annually on what we have deemed essential.

Sales training will tell you to make the ask of a potential customer. The exact phrase varies from industry to industry, but essentially the question is “are you ready to partner with us?” or as I like to phrase it, “are you ready to make a purchase today?” As consumers we need to make an ask as well: what are our providers willing to do to keep our business? There’s no harm in asking – the worst that can happen is you receive a less than thrilling response that will help you determine your next steps.

Immediately we contacted our provider to ask, “what can you do for us?” While they would not reverse the increase, they did provide us with additional data.

How did a bill increase actually help us save $98 a month?

As consumers, we need to remember that we have power. And sometimes that power is walking away.

When one bill went up, we looked at other ways to save. We looked at mobile plans from competitors, but ultimately decided to stay with our current provider. Instead we delved deeper into cutting costs from other services. The status quo wasn’t acceptable, and we were going to find savings.

We asked ourselves these two questions to help us decrease costs:

  1. Are there any services/subscriptions we’re not taking full advantage of? We decreased the speed on our internet without impacting our experience and we made the ask – what can you do for us? The answer was additional discounts.
  2. Is there anything we can eliminate without missing them? Yes! We eliminated TV channels from our package that we liked but wouldn’t miss. They had a few deals available, but none that met our needs.

In both situations, the discount provided to us was not one our service provider was promoting.

What was our end result?

After one day negotiating with ourselves and our providers, we were able to decrease our monthly expenses by $98 – even with the increase to our cell phone bill.  

What really helped us?

Aside from making the ask of our providers, we hunted for deals on our current services, we looked at other providers, and were willing to walk away. Take the opportunity to see your options and begin your negotiations – it’s easier than you may think, I promise 


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