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Introducing Invisor@Work - A New Group Retirement Savings Program

by Pramod Udiaver Last updated on December 21, 2016

How well do you think you’re investing the savings from your employer-provided group RRSP savings program?

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Invisor | Economic Update - November 2016

by Pramod Udiaver Last updated on November 30, 2016


With the US election results now behind us, many economic forecasters have been using their crystal balls to figure out what Trumponomics would mean to the US and the global economy. Prior to the election markets had a negative view of the proposed Trump economic policies, but views seem to have since changed. Most equity markets reached all-time highs and bond yields increased on the expectation that the proposed tax cuts and infrastructure spending would increase government debt, inflation and borrowing costs, while in the long term, these policies and deregulation would increase economic growth.

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How Should I Invest My Savings?

by Pramod Udiaver Last updated on October 12, 2016
I recently met with a friend who told me she got a performance bonus at work, and was wondering how she should invest it. I got the feeling she was expecting me to tell her which stocks to buy, and I think she was initially disappointed that I didn’t suggest a red hot IPO of a Silicon Valley tech company.
My friend isn’t the only one who has asked us this question. In fact, it’s quite common. So here's what I told her. It may have been a longer answer than what she expected, but she bought me a coffee and we had some time to chat. By the end of our conversation, she had a better understanding of how to invest smart, instead of how to simply pick popular stocks.

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I want to save for my child's education. Which RESP plan should I choose?

by Pramod Udiaver Last updated on September 14, 2016

Whether your child is a newborn or starting high school, thinking about saving for post-secondary schooling is overwhelming. With so many options on the market designed to help you save for education, choosing the right one can be tricky - especially when sales associates are trying to sell you their products. 

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A Bumpy Q2 2015 for Global Markets

by Pramod Udiaver Last updated on July 08, 2015

In the second quarter of 2015, we saw global markets remaining volatile and weak. The weakness began early in the quarter with the U.S. recording a slightly negative economic growth in Q1. But stronger employment, consumer spending and housing data in the U.S. supported markets mid-way through the quarter. However, with Greece defaulting on their €1.5 billion payment to the IMF and the last minute referendum that would impact their membership in the Euro, the last days of June ended a bumpy quarter in a dramatic fashion.

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