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An Open Letter To Our Clients: How Does President Trump Impact Your Portfolio?

by Josh Miszk Last updated on November 10, 2016
The morning after the election, investors were understandably uncertain. We sent the following note to our clients to address any concerns:

After the polls called for a 70-90% likelihood of a Clinton victory, the world is surprised, to say the least. Investors don't like surprises, and the uncertainty that a Trump presidency brings is a recipe for amplified volatility. The market's reaction yesterday morning reeled back from the immediate knee-jerk reaction, but it paves the way for further volatility in the coming months. There are a few key changes we think will influence global markets. 

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Invisor | Economic Update - October 2016

by Josh Miszk Last updated on November 02, 2016

US federal elections are a week away and that means everyone’s favourite reality TV show is coming to an end. While the spotlight will shift away from American politics, we think US policy will still hold the attention of global markets. This month, we’ll take a look at the Canadian economic outlook, US election and interest rate decisions, and major global political threats.

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Invisor | Q3 2016 Market Update

by Josh Miszk Last updated on October 05, 2016

This month, we take a look at how markets performed in Q3, and where they stand going into the final quarter of 2016. 

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Invisor Economic Update August 2016 | Making The Market Great Again

by Josh Miszk Last updated on August 31, 2016

Last month, the U.S. stock market extended a two-month rally into August and hit an all-time high. Optimism surrounding corporate earnings has converted more investors back into the "risk-on" camp, guiding assets into emerging markets and back into a post-Brexit Europe.

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