#WeAreInvisor: Dan Poole, Co-founder and COO

by Invisor Last updated on October 28, 2016

I started Invisor with Pramod after he and I met to catch up over breakfast one morning. We had known each other for years, having done our MBAs together at Queen's.

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Am I Going To Have Enough Money To Retire?

by Invisor Last updated on October 26, 2016

It’s the most important question when it comes to your investments and your lifestyle. After all, you work hard your whole life so that one day you can reach that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and spend the rest of your days enjoying the freedom of spending your time however you’d like. It’s a nice goal, and it’s not out of reach, but you have to know what it’s going to take to get there and contribute accordingly along the way.

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5 Reasons Online Investment Advice Is What You've Been Looking For

by Invisor Last updated on October 19, 2016
When you think about online investment advice, what comes to mind? The words ‘robo-advisor’ and ‘online advisor’ might sound impersonal to you. How can robots manage your investments?

Well, they can’t. So let’s clear the air: there are no robots involved in online advice. At Invisor, and at other online investment management companies, we are human financial professionals that leverage technology to make your experience better, faster, and cheaper. In Canada, the online advice industry is continuing to grow, with eleven companies offering online investment management services. You can learn more about them in Rob Carrick’s 2016 robo-advisor guide

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How Should I Invest My Savings?

by Pramod Udiaver Last updated on October 12, 2016
I recently met with a friend who told me she got a performance bonus at work, and was wondering how she should invest it. I got the feeling she was expecting me to tell her which stocks to buy, and I think she was initially disappointed that I didn’t suggest a red hot IPO of a Silicon Valley tech company.
My friend isn’t the only one who has asked us this question. In fact, it’s quite common. So here's what I told her. It may have been a longer answer than what she expected, but she bought me a coffee and we had some time to chat. By the end of our conversation, she had a better understanding of how to invest smart, instead of how to simply pick popular stocks.

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Invisor | Q3 2016 Market Update

by Josh Miszk Last updated on October 05, 2016

This month, we take a look at how markets performed in Q3, and where they stand going into the final quarter of 2016. 

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