The 2016 Federal Budget is in:  What Does it Change for You?

by Invisor Last updated on March 31, 2016

The new Liberal government rolled out their 10 year spending and tax plans on Tuesday, March 22nd.  We’ve recently posted an article in the Canadian Budget Binder discussing the changes.  Read the full article here.  

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5 Apps to Help You Save Money

by Invisor Last updated on March 22, 2016

Whether you’re a spender or saver, sometimes financial planning can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, technology allows you to carry a financial planner in your pocket. There are apps for everything, from helping you create a budget to alerting you when bills have to be paid. We’ve complied our favourite apps to help you save money and spend smart. And, because you shouldn’t have to pay for money management apps, they’re all free!

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6 Reasons Online Advisors Can Work For You

by Invisor Last updated on March 15, 2016

If you’re reading this, you’re probably intrigued by the idea of an online advisor if you’re not using one already. There are many benefits to using an online advisor or “robo-advisor,” an online portfolio management firm that builds and manages your investment portfolio. We outline 6 reasons using an online advisor can make sense for your portfolio.

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I've Lost My Job: Now What?

by Invisor Last updated on March 08, 2016

This blog by Invisor CEO Pramod Udiaver was originally published on Huffington Post Canada

With economic conditions remaining challenging in Canada, we have seen several corporations looking at different ways to manage their profitability. From Bombardier, to Canada's Finning International Inc., the world's largest dealer of Caterpillar Inc. equipment, to several Canadian banks, reports of job layoffs is daily news. In January 2016 alone, Canada suffered 5,700 job losses, pushing the national unemployment rate to a two-year high of 7.2 per cent. 

What do you do if you've unfortunately ended up on the wrong side of the pink slip and you do not have sufficient emergency funds to cover your expenses until you find your next job? Here are a eight tips to help you through the transition period. 

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Invisor | Market Update – February 2016

by Invisor Last updated on March 02, 2016

Global markets started February continuing the slide from January, but then rebound and claw back the losses in the second half.  Three broad themes we saw in February are that investors remain skittish, governments are continuing to provide support when needed and underlying economic data is still solid. 

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